Would you like to help us in creating new comic books? Here is a chance for you.

Currently we are developing new issues of Whisperer and we are actively looking for new illustrators. If you want to work with us on new issue, here is the list of steps you must take:

  1. Send us your previous illustrations and little info about yourself. On this email address: info@seetales.com. (We are going to consider all the candidates and if we like your style, we can begin cooperation. We are not looking for any particular style. The idea behind Whisperer is that every issue will look little different depending on the illustrator (the story will be continuing normally).
  2. We will write you an email and start communicating with you. Our goal is to create friendly work environment consisting of great comic book fans. We will send you script for next issue of Whisperer. All with english texts, saying how many pictures will be on each, what is at the picture, basically all the information you need as illustrator.
  3. For more references on characters, you just need to check character section of our page in which you can see roughly how character should look like, but you have lot of space to improve him or change him a little according to your style.
  4. There should not be a great pressure from our side, but we will set reasonable date for our illustrators to finish their job. We do not want prolong the time between issues and if we see illustrator is too lazy, we will just give the job to someone else who is more willing.
  5. First few issues of Whisperer will be free for everyone, therefore there will be no pay for illustrators at first. We are not trying to lure you in with promise of rich rewards, but we won’t forget anyone and all the illustrators working on the free issues of Whisperer will receive paycheck later, after the site will start earning money. We are not making money on this yet, we are simply trying to offer you the best comic books we can come up with.
  6. We will communicate all the time while you are drawing next issue. There will be consultations, skype calls so we will get to know each other as team, and be able to produce the best possible comic book issues.
  7. After you complete your work, the comic books issue will be updated with bubbles with texts and presented on the Seetales.com webpage. Your name will be listed as illustrator and hopefully you will continue to work with our team in the future.
We strongly encourage you to join our creative process. If have some comic book script and want it to be made into comic book or you want to illustrate more comics than Whisperer, we are going to update or site with options that will help you do just that. You will be able to register, not only as user, but also illustrator or scriptwriter and interact with other people. Therefore as illustrator you will find people who will provide you with script or as scriptwriter you will find someone who will illustrate your story. Seetales will provide you with platform, where you can advertise your finished comic book issues if you want and make it available for other people to buy them and read them. For now we are focusing on developing new issues of Whisperer and adding more options and features to our web page. Stay tuned.