Whisperer is Here!

Our first two issues of Whisperer are done and for the whole world to see. Read through them and sink into the post-apocalyptic world after World War 3 in the city of New Moscow, where main anti- hero Christopher Thorn plays his shadow game of betrayal, murder and crime. Whisperer contains elements of alternative history and also a lot of Christian mythology and mixes them together into the dark story you can read for yourselves.

The first issue - Whisperer: Dark Age part 1 was illustrated by Brenda Salazar, artist from Mexico who really relishes in the dark tones of the Whisperer story and shows you the ugly and dangerous part of human souls. The first issue will take you on the short trip to hell as well.

The second issue – Whisperer: Dark Age part 2 was illustrated by Milan Andjelkovic, artist from Serbia, who brought different, more European, artistic style to Whisperer than previous artist. His art transform New Moscow into dark blue shadows of imminent danger lurking in the streets. The demons and mobsters are waiting for innocent people to prey on their money and their lives. Will Christopher help them or attack them as well? And what about the mysterious demon hunters?

As you can see, first issues of Whisperer are free for all. You can read the story as much as you like. We will also provide you with downloadable file, so you can download comic for free. Third and forth issues are already in development, the third one should be ready in one month. Thank you and enjoy Whisperer.