Third issue of Whisperer is upon us!

After patiently waiting a few months, third issue of Whisperer is almost ready, all we have to do now, is to finish the lettering and you can continue reading fascinating story of Christipher Thorn on his way of crime in New Moscow. The third issue has been drawn and inked by Indonesian artist Kelly Chandra and colored by Milan Andjelkovic. You can now experience yet another art style of Whisperer to see and compare it to other issues. Tell us whichever you liked the most.

The third issue will introduce a few more characters, mainly Rodchenko’s opposition for the throne of crime boss of New Moscow, who calls himself the Greek and also his overweight bodyguard, former sumo champion Yuuta. You will also learn who leads the guild of demon hunters and a few more interesting facts from the world of Whisperer as the story unravels.

Last time we left Christopher in a bit of a troubled, stuck between rock and a hard place. Rock being demonic dog Cerberus and hard place pack of demon hunters wanting to end his life for good. See the conclusion of this clash right in the beginning of the issue. Here is a little taste of what is about to come in the form of (unfinished) cover for the 3rd issue.